The Poet's Corner

Sunday, March 20, 2005


Dark now are the days.
That once were bright.
Engulfed in flames.
The life I once knew.

The world decayed.
Into meal for worms.
Hell hath found a dwelling.
On earth, thy name is Love.

-Toan Nguyen

Monday, February 21, 2005

My Side of Heaven

There's a spot of land
Where the tides ebb and flow
As they make their way
To wherever it is they go

And as they head out to sea
And out of the bay
They take with them too
All my worries away

There's a spot of land
Where a warm gentle breeze
Whispers my name
And sends the tides out to the seas

And as the breeze does blow
It tussles my hair
And clears my mind
As it erases every little care

There's a spot of land
Where the palm trees sway
As if saying good-bye
As it sends the breeze on its way

And as the trees do sway
In their rhythmic dance
They whisper of dreams
And lives long past hence.

And as I sit here now
Recalling, as I do so often
I think of paradise,
And life on my side of heaven

-Toan Nguyen

Sunday, January 30, 2005

The Endless Waltz

Our eyes meet
From across the room
I bow to you
You curtsey back

Our hands touch
And a memory washes over me
The memory of a promise
Made from deep within the flow of time

I will find you again
You may not know that you are you
Or that I am I
But I will find you again

The music returns
As you are in my arms
And the endless waltz plays on

-Toan Nguyen